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HarrietJacobsNotes - Harriet Jacobs(1894 Born a slave in NC...

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Harriet Jacobs (1894) - Born a slave in NC in 1813, fled in 1835 after years of sexual abuse - Spent 7 years hiding in a tiny attic in her grandmother’s house before making her way the freedom in the north in 1842 - Forced to work as a caregiver in a wealthy white family - Wrote the story of her life which she published under the pseudonym Linda Brent in 1861 - Become involved in the abolitionist movement - During/after civil war, she returned south and assisted black fugitives who escaped behind union lines - Wrote to the northern paper describing fugitives’ needs for clothing, medicine, food, and funds - Received assistance from antislavery societies in NYC and from the National Women’s Loyal League - Believed that long term change was in education for blacks - Established schools in Georgia, while Jefferson long organized political arenas - Both Jacobs and long witnessed abuse from confederates - Efforts to reconstruct the south were failures due to white supremacy - They did help many former slaves after the civil war
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