Intro to Comm Syllabus COMS210

Intro to Comm Syllabus COMS210 - COMS 210Fall 2009...

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COMS 210—Fall 2009 Introduction to Communication Studies Lecture: MW 11:35-12:25 + 1 weekly conference (beginning 16 September) (You are required to register for your conference. Check Minerva for available days and times.) (Both the lecture sections of the course are subject to this syllabus) As the only required course in our minor, COMS 210 offers an introduction to the field of Communication Studies as it is practiced at McGill. Students will be exposed to some of the major questions facing Communication Studies scholars today, learn how to take positions in important debates, and explore emerging issues in the contemporary media landscape. Professor Jonathan Sterne rd floor, west wing) Office Phone: 398-5852 (I check voicemail at least once a day when I’m in and return phone calls once a day) Mailbox: On My Door Email: [email protected] (list “COMS 210” as the subject of your message) Office Hours: MW 1-2 and by appointment Web presence: Teaching Assistant: Dwayne Avery Email: [email protected] Office hours: TBA Teaching Assistant: Christopher Gutierrez Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Teaching Assistant: Lalai Manjikian Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Teaching Assistant: Emily Raine Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA TA office hours and office locations will be announced in class; they begin after add-drop. Please see the email policy under “course policies” and allow approximately 48 hours for a reply. Availability: Office hours are set aside for you – feel free to stop by office hours without an appointment. We are happy to see you. The rest of our time is set aside for meetings, class prep, writing, reading, etc. If you wish to see us outside our regular office hours, please make an appointment. Office hours may occasionally be cancelled or rescheduled; this will be announced on the course website or in class. Other Contacts: (Name) (Phone) (E-Mail) (Name) (Phone) (E-Mail)
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2 Requirements and Grading Creation/Application  Comprehension/Coercion In-Lecture Writing: [5%] Over the course of the semester, between three and nine pop quizzes and other assignments will occur during lecture. Pop quizzes may cover a reading due on the day of the quiz, any item from the previous two lectures, or other materials you would reasonably be expected to know on a given day. Although they will be closed book and closed note, pop quizzes are designed to be easy, to reward your for keeping up with the course. (Students who require special exam accommodations should notify the professor during the first week of class.) We will drop your two lowest quiz scores (including “0” scores for nonattendance). Beyond the two freebies, missed pop quizzes or in-class assignments cannot be made up and are not “excused” for any reason whatsoever. Final Exam
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Intro to Comm Syllabus COMS210 - COMS 210Fall 2009...

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