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PHYS 230 Assignment 1

PHYS 230 Assignment 1 - ±or full marks you must show all...

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You may hand the assignment to me before or after class but not during the lecture, or you may hand the assignment in at my office. Late assignments will not be accepted, without extenuating circumstances. All questions are found in the required textbook, An Introduction to Classical Mechanics by David Morin. This assignment focuses on Chapter 2: Statics. Note that the first 19 questions in Morin have provided solutions. You should work through these as practice before attempting the assigned problems.
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Unformatted text preview: ±or full marks you must show all of your work! Physics is a collaborative subject and you may Fnd it helpful to work in study groups, but remember that the work you hand must be uniquely your own. Assigned Questions: Chapter 2, question 2.22: Holding a cone (pg 35) Chapter 2, question 2.30: Ball on a wall (pg 37) Chapter 2, question 2.36: Two sticks and a wall (pg 38) PHYSICS 230: Dynamics of Simple Systems Assignment #1 Due Thursday Sept 22 by 16:00...
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