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To: Mary Tate From: Yassir Elbazouni Date: July 7, 2011 Subject: Two-day writing course for new employees In response to your request about developing a two-day writing course for the new employees at your corporation, I will be delighted to assist you in meeting your needs. I am one of a small group of dedicated freelance writers. I provide guidance and training classes for organizations to improve the writing skills for their associates. Having acquired extensive experience in business writing, I feel I have the necessary skills to take on new challenges and adapt easily to new environments. I strongly believe that with my interpersonal, communication and writing competencies as well as my business acumen, I can meet the challenges inherent in a trainer’s role . I emphasize on written communication that is: clear concise effective I also stress on the use of proof reading to present a positive image of the organization. I understand that employees are the lungs of a corporation and the success of the latter relies greatly on its
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Unformatted text preview: employees. Therefore, I will tailor a course that will develop their writing skills and provide them with the necessary mentoring. By the end of this course the employees will improve their technical writing skills leading to a clearer, more concise and effective communication. Participants will receive study materials prior to the first day of the training which will be decided within the coming week. In addition, food and refreshments will be part of the deal. Should you pick me to do the training, my fees for the two-day training are $800. I look forward to having an ever-lasting professional relationship so I can assist in the long term on any other training needs. I will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may still have and determine how we should proceed. Thank you for considering this proposal. Sincerely, Yassir El, Consultant....
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