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Memo about ethics - reasons of downsizing is cutting down...

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To: Professor Lou From: Yassir Elbazouni Date: August 7, 2011 Subject: The ethical dilemma of downsizing The purpose of this memo is to analyze two articles, dealing with a current phenomenon in American corporations. This phenomenon is the firing of employees in order to downsize the company. I will also discuss the ethical dilemma, state core values and the solution in this situation. Both articles agree that downsizing in corporate America is a common practice and it is a well known system that dates back to the early 1980`s. The article also state that the most common
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Unformatted text preview: reasons of downsizing is cutting down the costs to maximize profits. So the question that is asked is: Is the objective of downsizing ethical? The main stakeholder affected by downsizing includes the manager, the workers, the company including the boss and their relations. In either case the manager or the worker has to be fired. As a result, the company will undergo business problems. It might lose business and social trust due to investors who will sell their investments in the company....
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