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Yassir Elbazouni 123 XYZ way Alexandria, VA 22311 August, 05 2011 Robert & Deborah Roebuck 1594 Hendon Road Woodstock, GA 55555 Dear parents, I am Hillary’s school teacher, and I am delighted to have her in my class this year. I have high expectations for all my student including Hillary and I will do all my best to help them achieve those expectations. I will be expecting all work assigned in class to be completed in a timely manner and failure to do so will have consequences. Starting two weeks ago, a problem has arisen regarding Hillary’s performance in class. It is something we can solve together so Hillary can go back to her usual level of accomplishments. As you know, Hillary hasn`t been handling her homework assignments. She is currently missing one of them, and one more assignment not completed could have an effect on her being
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