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1 Section 01300 Heritage May 2003 Administrative Requirements SECTION 01300 ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Includes But Not Limited To 1. Administrative and supervisory requirements necessary for Project coordination. 2. Administrative and procedural requirements for Project meetings and conferences. 3. Administrative and procedural requirements for submittals required for performance of the Work. B. Related Sections 1. Refer to other Division 01 Sections and other Contract Documents for requirements for administrative submittals. Such submittals include, but are not limited to - a. Permits. b. Applications for payment. c. Performance and payment bonds. d. Insurance certificates. e. List of Subcontractors. 2. Section 01200, Price And Payment Procedures - Schedule of Values submittal 3. Section 01400, Quality Controls - Inspection and test reports 4. Section 01700, Contract Closeout - Closeout submittals. 1.2 PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND COORDINATION A. General 1. Project designation for this Project is Church . 2. This Project designation shall be included on documents generated for Project by Contractor and Subcontractors, or be present on a cover letter accompanying such documents. This designation is required to facilitate tracking of materials, equipment, systems, and products used on Church’s Projects by Church and by manufacturers specified in Contract Documents. B. Project Coordination 1. Coordinate construction activities included in Contract Documents to assure efficient and orderly installation of each part of the Work. Coordinate construction operations that are dependent upon each other for proper installation, connection, and operation. a. Where installation of one part of the Work is dependent on installation of other components, either before or after its own installation, schedule construction activities in sequence required to obtain best results. b. Where availability of space is limited, coordinate installation of different components to assure maximum accessibility for required maintenance, service, and repair. c. Make adequate provisions to accommodate items scheduled for later installation. 2. Where necessary, prepare memoranda for distribution to each party involved outlining special procedures required for coordination. Include such items as required notices, reports, and attendance at meetings and conferences. Prepare similar memoranda for Owner and separate Contractors where coordination of their Work is required. 3. Administrative Procedures - a. Coordinate scheduling and timing of required administrative procedures with other construction activities to avoid conflicts and ensure orderly progress of the Work. Such administrative activities include, but are not limited to - 1) Preparing of schedules. 2)
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