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Project Number 1 Section 01400 Heritage May 2003 Quality Requirements SECTION 01400 QUALITY REQUIREMENTS PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Includes But Not Limited To 1. Administrative and procedural requirements for relating to quality. 1.2 REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS A. Permits, Fees, And Improvement Bonds 1. Permits will be available for Contractor to pickup by the time the Notice to Proceed is issued. B. Asbestos 1. Contract Documents for this Project have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted professional architectural and engineering practices. Accordingly, no asbestos or products containing asbestos have been knowingly specified for this Project. Notify Architect immediately for instructions if - a. Materials containing asbestos are brought to site for inclusion in the Work. b. Asbestos materials are encountered in existing structures upon which work is being done. 2. At Architect's direction and with Owner's approval, a certified asbestos inspector will collect samples and an independent testing laboratory will perform testing procedures on suspect materials. 3. Certify that based upon best knowledge, information, inspection, and belief no building materials containing asbestos were used in construction of Project. Submit certification on form provided by Owner. 1.3 REFERENCES A. Reference Standards 1. Industry Standards - a. Except where Contract Documents include more stringent requirements, applicable construction industry standards have same force and effect as if bound or copied directly into Contract Documents to extent referenced. Such standards are made a part of Contract Documents by reference. b. Comply with standard in effect as of date of Contract Documents, unless specific date is specified. c. Where compliance with two or more standards is specified and standards apparently establish different or conflicting requirements for minimum quantities or quality levels, refer to Architect for decision before proceeding. Quantity or quality level shown or specified shall be minimum provided or performed. Actual installation may comply exactly with minimum quantity or quality specified, or it may exceed minimum within reasonable limits. In complying with these requirements, indicated numeric values are minimum or maximum, as appropriate for context of requirements. Refer uncertainties to Architect for decision before proceeding. d. Each entity engaged in construction on Project is required to be familiar with industry standards applicable to that entity's construction activity. Copies of applicable standards are not bound with Contract Documents. Where copies of standards are needed for performance of a required construction activity, Contractor shall obtain copies directly from publication source. e. Trade association names and titles of general standards are frequently abbreviated. Following acronyms or abbreviations, as referenced in Contract Documents, are defined to mean associated names. Names and addresses are
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Project Number 2 Section 01400 Heritage May 2003 Quality Requirements
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