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1 Section 01500 Heritage May 2003 Temporary Facilities And Controls SECTION 01500 TEMPORARY FACILITIES AND CONTROLS PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Includes But Not Limited To 1. Furnish and install temporary utilities, temporary construction and support facilities, and security and protection facilities as described in Contract Documents. 1.2 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Comply with industry standards and applicable laws and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction. B. Arrange for authorities having jurisdiction to inspect and test each temporary utility before use. Obtain required certifications and permits. 1.3 PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Prepare schedule indicating dates for implementation and termination of each temporary utility. At earliest feasible time and when acceptable to Owner, change over from use of temporary service to use of permanent service. B. Keep temporary services and facilities clean and neat in appearance. Operate in safe and efficient manner. Take necessary fire prevention measures. Do not overload facilities, or allow them to interfere with progress. Do not allow hazardous dangerous or unsanitary conditions, or public nuisances to develop or persist on Project site. C. Enforce strict discipline in use of temporary facilities. Limit availability of temporary facilities to essential and intended uses to reduce waste and abuse. D. Maintain facilities in good operating condition until removal. Protect from damage by freezing temperatures and similar elements. 1. Maintain operation of temporary enclosures, heating, cooling, humidity control, ventilation, and similar facilities on a 24-hour day basis where required to achieve indicated results and to avoid possibility of damage. 2. Prevent water filled piping from freezing. Maintain markers for underground lines. Protect from damage during excavation operations. E. Unless Architect requests that it be maintained longer, remove each temporary facility when need has ended, or when replaced by authorized use of permanent facility, or by Substantial Completion. Complete or, if necessary, restore permanent construction that may have been delayed because of interference with temporary facility. Repair damaged work, clean exposed surfaces, and replace construction that cannot be satisfactorily repaired. 1. Materials and facilities that make up temporary facilities are property of Contractor. Owner reserves right to take possession of Project identification signs. 2. By Substantial Completion, clean and renovate permanent facilities used during construction period, including but not limited to - a. Replace air filters and clean inside of ductwork and housings. b. Replace significantly worn parts and parts subjected to unusual operating conditions. c.
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