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Project Number 1 Section 02813 Heritage May 2003 Underground Irrigation System SECTION 02813 UNDERGROUND IRRIGATION SYSTEM PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Includes But Not Limited To 1. Furnish and install underground sprinkler system as described in Contract Documents complete with accessories necessary for proper function. B. Related Sections 1. Section 02051 - General Site Construction Requirements 2. Section 15141 - Stop and waste valve 1.2 SUBMITTALS A. Product Data 1. Manufacturer's cut sheets for each element of system. 2. Parts lists for operating elements of system. 3. Manufacturer's printed literature on operation and maintenance of operating elements of system. B. Quality Assurance / Control - Results of service pressure test before beginning work on system. C. Closeout 1. Record Drawings - a. As installation occurs, prepare accurate record drawing to be submitted before final inspection, including - 1) Detail and dimension changes made during construction. 2) Significant details and dimensions not shown in original Contract Documents. 3) Field dimensioned locations of valve boxes, manual drains, quick-coupler valves, control wire runs not in mainline ditch, and both ends of sleeves. 4) Take dimensions from permanent constructed surfaces or edges located at or above finish grade. 5) Take and record dimensions at time of installation. b. Reduce copy of record drawing to half-size, color key circuits, and laminate both sides with 5 mil thick or heavier plastic. Mount on 1 / 4 inch plywood board. Drill two 1/2 inch holes at top of board and hang on hooks in Custodial Room or as directed by Architect. 2. Operations And Maintenance Manual Data - a. Modify and add to requirements of Section 01700 as follows - 1) Instruction manual which lists complete instructions for system operation and maintenance, including winterizing. 2) Complete instructions on how to drain entire backflow preventer to prevent freezing. 1.3 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Qualifications 1. Use only trained personnel familiar with required sprinkling system installation procedures. 2. Perform installation under direction of foreman or supervisor with five years minimum experience in sprinkling system installations. B. Regulatory Requirements - Work and materials shall be in accordance with latest rules and regulations, and other applicable state or local laws. Nothing in Contract Documents is to be construed to permit work not conforming to these codes. C. Pre-Installation Conference - Schedule pre-installation conference after excavation of trenches and installation of sleeves, but before installation of pipe.
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Project Number 2 Section 02813 Heritage May 2003 Underground Irrigation System 1.4 DELIVERY, STORAGE, AND HANDLING A. During delivery, installation, and storage, protect materials from damage and prolonged exposure to sunlight. 1.5 SEQUENCING
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