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PSY 102 Fall 2011 Whistling Vivaldi Assignment #1 Worksheet Due on course webpage: Monday 10/10 by 1:30 PM Please provide brief and clear answers (2-3 sentences max) to the following questions Name: ________________________________ PERM#: ______________________________ 1. To what incident(s) does the title Whistling Vivaldi refer? It refers to how Brent Staples, columnist for the New York Times, attempted to make a stereotype about violence-prone African American males less applicable to him personally. When walking down the street he displayed knowledge of white culture by whistling tunes, including classical tunes such as Vilvaldi’s Four Seasons. 2. Define an identity contingency? Are there any social identities that have contingencies on the UCSB campus today? Identity contingencies are the aspects of a situation that have to be dealt with because of a given social identity in that situation. You need to deal with these contingencies to get what you want. There are likely many social identities at UCSB that have contingencies. There are likely broader racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, etc. identity contingencies, as well as more local identity contingencies such as being a student, various identities associated with campus groups, regional identities (e.g., northern vs. southern CA), one’s chosen major, etc. 3. What is stereotype threat and in what circumstance can it occur? We are aware of what other members of society think about the groups or identities in that society.
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Whistling1_answers - PSY 102 Fall 2011 Whistling Vivaldi...

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