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PSYCH 102 Fall 2011 Giving Social Psychology Away Instructions One of the goals of this class is to help you see both how social psychology pervades everyday life as well as answers some big questions about the world we live in. Sometimes the best way to really understand a topic is to try to explain it to someone else—especially someone who has little or no exposure to social psychology and the science behind it. Please follow the instructions for this assignment. Once you have completed your assignment (you may want to take a few notes while you complete it), go to the course webpage and click on the “submit GSPA assignment. Here you will answer a few questions about your experience and certify that you completed the assignment. We are working on the honor system here and this assignment should be fun so be creative and challenge yourself. First, choose a process or phenomenon that we covered in class. You can choose a topic from any part of class. Examples would be affective forecasting, stereotype threat, conformity, social
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