Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 5-ch6_Language_II_abbreviated_Fall_2011

Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 5-ch6_Language_II_abbreviated_Fall_2011

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1 Lecture 5: Language development part II … becoming a language user Stages in language development 1 word babble complex grammar 2 word 36 mo 9 mo 12 mo 18 mo Prior to words: Babbling About 8-12 months Speech sounds from native language: Sounds comprised of consonant followed by vowel: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga … etc Issue: language and speech Is speech necessary for language? Test case: Deaf infants exposed to sign language babble manually First Words About 12-13 months (but lots of variability in exact age) First 50 or so words same everywhere; mostly nouns Mom, Dad, siblings, pets, common objects Very few function words (and, at, the, of, etc) Problems with word learning by association: too many possible meanings! category individual part color/pattern state of mind Yes, I believe there‟s a question at the back?
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2 Solving the ‘ gavagai ’ problem Children cannot be complete blank slates. They must
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Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 5-ch6_Language_II_abbreviated_Fall_2011

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