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Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 2-ch 03_Theories_slides

Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 2-ch 03_Theories_slides -...

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1 Theories of development Focus: Piaget’s theory Overview Theoretical approaches continued. : Difference between theory (predictions) and evidence (observations). Why focus on historical theories if they are no longer considered the best explanations? Illustration of thematic ideas focusing on one influential developmental theory: Piaget Brief Introduction to Piaget’s stage theory of intellectual development… A theory where the balance favors the environment : Piaget’s stage theory Not completely blank slate, but ‘blank - ish’: very little early knowledge/structure … only very basic GENERAL learning mechanisms ‘Constructivist’ … child plays an active role in achieving developmental outcomes (‘Child as scientist’ metaphor) Stage like discontinuities in development NEW THEME: Continuous versus discontinuous (stage- like) development Example: conservation of liquid quantity And: close scrutiny of transition points matters:
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  • Fall '08
  • Schwartz
  • Theory of cognitive development, Developmental stage theories, sensorimotor stage, concrete operational stage, general learning

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Psych 105-ucsb-fall-2011-lecture 2-ch 03_Theories_slides -...

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