06175 - SECTION 06175 WOOD TRUSSES(Trussed Rafters PART 1...

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Project Number 1 Section 06175 Heritage May 2003 Wood Trusses (Trussed Rafters) SECTION 06175 WOOD TRUSSES (Trussed Rafters) PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Products Supplied But Not Installed Under This Section 1. Wood roof trusses 2. Trussed blocking for roof trusses B. Related Sections 1. Section 06110 - a. Storage and handling of trusses on Project site b. Installing, securing, bracing, etc c. Required blocking other than trussed blocking 1.2 SUBMITTALS A. Shop Drawings 1. Base shop drawings on truss configurations and on truss loads shown on Drawings and on requirements of Contract Documents. Joint configurations may be modified to allow double cut webs. Determine member forces from exact analysis method as defined by TPI. 2. Include following information on submitted shop drawings - a. Allowable loads in lbs per effective nail or lbs per sq inch for lumber and plates used as allowed by ICBO and current ICBO report number. b. Stress reduction factors used for plates and lumber. c. Top and bottom chord design loads in psf. d. Size, thickness, and exact location by dimension of plates. e. Lumber species and grades used. f. Combine stress ratio for each member. g. Stamp and signature of Engineer responsible for preparation of shop drawings. h. Name and trademark of Plate Manufacturer if metal plates are used. i. Name and address of Truss Fabricator and Project name and address. B.
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06175 - SECTION 06175 WOOD TRUSSES(Trussed Rafters PART 1...

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