06271 - 2. Standards -a. Approved Product-1) 87WH extra...

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Project Number 1 Section 06271 Heritage May 2003 Closet And Storage Shelving SECTION 06271 CLOSET AND STORAGE SHELVING PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Includes But Not Limited To 1. Furnish and install shelving not part of casework, including mounting hardware, as described in Contract Documents. PART 2 PRODUCTS 2.1 COMPONENTS A. Shelves 1. Conform to applicable requirements of Sections 06401 and 06412 . 2. Use 3 / 4 inch Kortron or Melamine faced Panel Product with 2 mm thick PVC 3062 banding with eased edges. Apply banding on all four edges of adjustable shelving and on exposed edges of fixed shelving, with one inch return onto unexposed edges. Edge banding color to match Panel Product. B. Shelf Brackets And Standards In Main Building 1. Brackets - a. Size according to shelf width, end of bracket to be within 2 inches of front edge of shelf. b. Approved Product - 1)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Standards -a. Approved Product-1) 87WH extra heavy duty standard by Knape & Vogt 3. Manufacturer -a. Knape & Vogt, Grand Rapids, MI (800) 253-1561 or (616) 459-3311 www.kv.com C. Shelf Supports In Storage Building - 1x4 solid stock Pine, C or better, S4S. PART 3 EXECUTION 3.1 INSTALLATION A. Attach metal standards by screws into framing members or special blocking. Utilize all available pre-drilled screw holes in standards. B. Attach wood shelf supports with 16d finish nails through sheathing into framing members or special blocking, two nails minimum into each framing member. Attach shelves to supports with 1-1/2 inch long minimum flathead screws with heads countersunk to be flush or slightly below shelf surface, one screw at each shelf corner minimum. END OF SECTION...
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06271 - 2. Standards -a. Approved Product-1) 87WH extra...

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