06415 - - PF 42. No raised lip on front edge, except on...

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Project Number 1 Section 06415 Heritage May 2003 Plastic Laminate SECTION 06415 PLASTIC LAMINATE PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Products Supplied But Not Installed Under This Section 1. Wall-hung counters 2. Countertops for custom casework. B. Related Sections 1. Section 06201 - a. Installation of wall-hung counters b. Installation of countertops for custom casework 2. Section 06401 - General Architectural Woodwork Requirements 3. Section 15410 - Plumbing 1.2 REFERENCES A. American National Standards Institute 1. ANSI A161.2-1979 (R1987), 'Performance Standards for Fabricated High Pressure Decorative Laminate Countertops' B. American National Standards Institute / National Electrical Manufacturer's Association 1. ANSI / NEMA LD 3-1995, 'High Pressure Decorative Laminates' 1.3 SUBMITTALS A. Product Data 1. Manufacturer's literature for plastic laminate 2. Color selections. PART 2 PRODUCTS 2.1 MATERIALS A. Plastic Laminates 1. Quality - a. Countertops shall have post-formed front edge and backsplash, except where detailed otherwise, with plastic laminate meeting requirements of ANSI / NEMA LD 3
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Unformatted text preview: - PF 42. No raised lip on front edge, except on front edge of counters with kitchen type sinks. b. Other laminates shall meet requirements of ANSI / NEMA LD 3 -1) Vertical Applications - GP 28. 2) Horizontal (other than countertops) - GP 38. c. Balancing Material - BK 20 d. AWI Quality Grade - Premium 2. Assemblies -a. Countertops shall meet requirements of ANSI A161.2. b. Adhesives for other than post-formed types shall be spray grade, high heat resistant, neoprene contact adhesive. 3. Approved Manufacturers-a. Formica, Cincinnati, OH (800) 367-6422 or (513) 786-3525 www.formica.com , all matte finish b. Nevamar, Odenton, MD (800) 638-4380 or (410) 551-5000 www.nevamar.com c. Pioneer Plastics Corp, Auburn, ME (800) 746-6483 or (207) 784-9111 www.pionitelaminates.com d. WilsonArt, Temple, TX (800) 433-3222 or (254) 207-7000 www.wilsonart.com PART 3 EXECUTION- Not Used END OF SECTION...
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06415 - - PF 42. No raised lip on front edge, except on...

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