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Project Number 1 Section 13376 Heritage May 2003 Sound System SECTION 13376 SOUND SYSTEM PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Includes But Not Limited To 1. Furnish and install complete and operational sound system as described in Contract Documents. 2. Assist Sound / Acoustical Consultant with final inspection and equalization of system and provide necessary test equipment for sound system and partition noise isolation tests. Correct problems found at time of final inspection of system. B. Related Sections 1. Section 06116 - Field-fabricated speaker enclosures with fiberglass insulation. 2. Sections under 09900 heading - Painting of metal speaker. 3. Division 16 - a. Raceways, equipment and control cabinets, pre-fabricated speaker enclosures, fittings, and audio cables. b. Power to equipment location and power relay wiring. 4. Sound / Acoustical Consultant will perform final inspection, system balance, equalization, and instruct local leaders in operation of system. 1.2 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION A. Performance Requirements 1. Installations with equalizers shall meet following performance parameters - a. From 100 Hz to 2 kHz, flat within plus or minus 2 dB. b. Above 2 kHz, slope down along an approximate 3 dB per octave slope to 8 kHz. 2. No noise, hum, RFI pickup or distortion shall be audible under normal operating conditions. 3. Sound systems shall reproduce program material at level of 80 to 85 dBA without audible distortion 4. All input levels shall be pre-set so system may be operated without going into feedback under normal conditions. Delete paragraph ‘5' if neither a Chapel nor Cultural Center is included. 5. Seat-to-seat variations in the 4kHz octave band shall not exceed plus or minus 2 dB in the Chapel or Cultural Center. Delete paragraph ‘6' if no sound masking system on Project. 6. Sound masking system shall provide adequate speech privacy in Corridor when set between 42 dBA and 46 dBA so that conversation in Office at slightly raised voice levels cannot be understood in Corridor. 1.3 SUBMITTALS A. Product Data - Manufacturer's data sheet for each item of equipment to be supplied. B. Closeout 1. Operations And Maintenance Data - a. Equipment Manufacturer’s manuals and warranty information b. Include following items supplied by Sound / Acoustical Consultant at time of final inspection - 1) Sound system operation and maintenance instructions 2) List of equipment provided, including portable equipment, showing make, model, and serial number. 3) Settings files for equipment requiring computer setup.
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Project Number 2 Section 13376 Heritage May 2003 Sound System 2. Leave clear plastic sheet protector in rear of sound equipment cabinet with system drawings and documentation. 1.4 SEQUENCING A. Deliver metal speaker grilles, which are be painted to match ceiling, before attachment to speakers and before installation of sound system.
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