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BILD2-2ndMidtermKEY - BILD 2 Winter Quarter 2010 1 Name KEY...

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BILD 2 Name ____ KEY ___________ Winter Quarter, 2010 1 BILD 2 SECOND MIDTERM EXAM Winter Quarter, 2010 WRITE YOUR NAME ON ALL 4 PAGES. ANSWER ALL 9 QUESTIONS (100 POINTS). CONFINE YOUR ANSWERS TO THE SPACE ALLOWED. (Answer only the exact questions asked, but provide all the detail possible in those cases.) __Patricia__ 1. (10 points) __Ruben___ 2. (10 points) __Brian____ 3. (10 points) __Dileep___ 4. (10 points) __Charlotte_ 5. (10 points) __Vincent__ 6. (10 points) ___Shalin__ 7. (10 points) ___Omar___ 8. (15 points) ___Katie___ 9. (15 points) ________ 100 total TOTAL POINTS __ KEY _ QUESTIONS OR REGRADES? First consult the Exam KEY (here). If questions remain, check with the TA who graded the question (see the names posted above). If the two of you agree on a change, the TA will report it to me. If you and the TA do not agree and you feel strongly about it, attach a brief note (one sentence) and turn the exam plus note into me (DKB) before Mar 6. I will regrade the question and return it to you. SCORES/GRADES: See the histogram on p.5 for letter grade equivalents. _____________________________________________________________ Signature Date
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BILD 2 Name ____ KEY ___________ Winter Quarter, 2010 2 1. (10 points) In what form(s) is each of the following normally transported in blood? CO 2 : HCO 3 - O 2 : bound to hemoglobin NH 3 : NH 4 (also okay: urea) Lipids: part of lipoproteins 2. (10 points) What are the primary meristems in plants and what does each produce? Protoderm: produces epidermis Procambium: produces primary xylem & phloem Ground meristem: cortex & pith (also okay: ground tissue & leaf mesophyll) 3. (10 points) Which vitamin deficiencies account for each of the following diseases or deficits? Indicate whether the vitamin is water- or fat-soluble.
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