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Supplementary Conditions May 2003 S U P P L E M E N T A R Y C O N D I T I O N S ITEM 1 - GENERAL 1. Conditions of the Contract apply to each Division of the Specifications. 2. Provisions contained in Division 01 apply to Divisions 02 through 16 of the Specifications. ITEM 3 - PERMITS 1. Delete Article 3.6, Paragraph B and replace with the following: A. Contractor to obtain and pay for permit, then submit invoice for reimbursement. ITEM 4 - MISCELLANEOUS CHANGES IN GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. Make the following changes as follows - NONE ITEM 5 - LIABILITY INSURANCE 1. For Projects involving removal of asbestos-containing materials, add the following to Section 11.1, Paragraph A, 2 - d. Contractor's general liability insurance shall not have an asbestos exclusion clause. ITEM 6 - UTAH STATE NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT FILING: 1. In compliance with Section 38-1-27 Utah Code Annotated, Contractor shall file with County Clerk of county in which Project is located a Notice of Commencement. Notice shall be filed
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