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Church Documents G1.1 Index Cover sheet G1.2 Code Information G1.3 Exiting Code Information G1.4 Light Pole & Curb and Gutter Details A1.1 Floor Plan A1.2 Mechanical Access Plan A1.3 Wall Types Floor Plan A1.4 Wall Types A1.5 Roof Plan A1.6 Roof Details A2.1 Exterior Elevations A2.2 Exterior Eleveations A3.1 Building Sections A3.2 Building Sections A3.3 Building Sections A3.4 Exterior Wall Sections A3.5 Exterior Wall Sections A3.6 Exterior Wall Sections A3.7 Steeple Elevation and Sections A4.1 Reflected Ceiling Plan A4.2 Ceiling details A4.3 Light Cove and Ceiling Trim Details A5.1 Finish Schedule A5.2 Door Schedule and Window Schedule A5.3 Door Details A5.4 Folding Partition Details A6.1 Enlarged Rosturm A6.2 Enlarged Bishop, Clerk A6.3 Enlarged Restrooms and custodial Area A6.4 Enlarged Serving Area A6.5 Enlarged Material Center A7.1 Miscellaneous Details A7.2 Miscellaneous Details A7.3 Miscellaneous Details A7.4 Storage Building and Details F1.1 Furnishings Plans and
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