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Library help for peer reviewed articles -- 2010

Library help for peer reviewed articles -- 2010 - CM 426...

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CM 426 How to find a journal article Go to BYU home page on the Internet. Click on library (lower left of screen). Click on the Site Index tab (top middle). Click on D for Databases A-Z. Click on Databases A-Z. Click on B for Business Source Premier (EBSCO). Click on Business Source Premier (EBSCO) in the list. Click the boxes entitled Full Text and Peer Reviewed On the drop-down menu entitled Publication Type (right side) select Academic Journal On the drop-down menu entitled Number of Pages, select All You can also click the box entitled Apply Related Words to expand your selection if you desire Finally at the top of the page in the search box, enter key word(s) for your article in the search box. For example, if you want to look for articles relating to Sinking Funds, you would enter the words Sinking Funds in the search box and begin your search. Each student will be required to submit summaries of three peer-reviewed journal articles pertaining to the course of study. These articles shall be taken from current approved
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