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MARKET STUDY HINTS - That is left for Assignment 2 Site...

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MARKET STUDY HINTS Your market study should include: an executive summary as outlined in the assignment. a thorough review of existing and proposed competition. a general area location proposed for the development. For example, your market study might target an area comprised of Utah County, or it might target the Provo City area. Necessary documentation to support conclusions expressed in the executive summary. This may include charts, graphs, explanations, sources, etc. Remember, NO FLUFF! This is really where the work has been accomplished. Your market study should not include: a specific financial analyses. For example, no IRR’s, ROI’s, break-even points, costs breakdowns, etc., should be included in this report. an exact location for the development.
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Unformatted text preview: That is left for Assignment 2, Site Selection. Your market study might include: • a very general discussion of financial feasibility. For example, in order to identify a target market for an entry-level home subdivision, a brief description of income required to qualify for a typical home loan might be appropriate; or a short discussion of how many customers and how much an average meal must be sold for might be necessary to justify the construction of a restaurant. This assignment gives your group the opportunity to identify your potential customers and present evidence that there will be enough willing customers to purchase your product at a price that satisfies your tolerance for risk and your requirements for a return on investment....
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