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1CM 426 -- FEASIBILITY STUDIES MARKETING SEGMENT NAMES: _________ PROFESSIONALISM – KISS PRINCIPLE -- (Appearance, grammar, organization of paper, neatness, sufficiency, etc.) (8 pts) _________ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY -- (Executive Summary , Conclusions, etc.) (5 pts) _________ MARKET IS TARGETED AND GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION DETERMINED – (Specific market has been identified and geographic location for development has been determined – i.e. “Our market is entry-level buyers for condominiums to be
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Unformatted text preview: built in the southern part of Utah County.”) (5 pts) _________ EVALUATION OF COMPETITION -- (Current and Future competition analyzed carefully) (7 pts) _________ RESEARCH AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION (Sources of information, depth of research, primary and secondary sources, sufficiency, etc. Information must be pertinent to the project. NO FLUFF.) (10 pts) _________ TOTAL (35 pts possible) COMMENTS:...
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