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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 Conjuga0on in Alkadienes and Allylic Systems Allyl species Allyl species •  The electrons in the π ­system are spread out over all 3 C ­atoms –  Allyl ca0on: 2 electrons –  Allyl radical: 3 electrons –  Allyl anion: 4 electrons •  No localized double and single bonds. Both C ­C bonds are in between a double and single bond •  Both end C ­atoms are equivalent •  AJack on/from both end C ­atoms Basic Concepts •  allyls (allyl ca0ons, allyl anions, allyl radicals) –  nomenclature –  genera0on of allylic species –  π ­system –  resonance stabiliza0on –  reac0vity –  pKa Basic Concepts •  dienes –  nomenclature –  conjugated dienes: conforma0ons (s ­trans, s ­cis) –  allenes –  π ­system –  kine0c/thermodynamic control •  conjuga0on –  defini0on –  effects on stability and structure Reac0ons •  Nucleophilic subs0tu0on of allyl halides –  SN1 (solvolysis) –  SN2 •  Allylic halogena0on –  radical mechanism •  Forma0on of dienes •  Electrophilic addi0on to dienes –  HBr, HCl, Br2, Cl2 •  regioselec0vity (1,2 ­addi0on vs. 1,4 ­addi0on) •  kine0cs/thermodynamics •  Diels ­Alder •  Be able to write product if reactants are given •  Be able to derive reactants if product structure is known ...
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