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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12 Reac&ons of Arenes: Electrophilic Aroma&c Subs&tu&on New Reac&ons •  Electrophilic aroma&c subs&tu&on (EAS) –  Bromina&on –  Sulfona&on –  Nitra&on –  Friedel ­CraAs alkyla&on –  Friedel ­CraAs acyla&on •  Ketone (phenone) reduc&on –  Clemmensen –  Wolff ­Kishner •  Nucleophilic aroma&c subs&tu&on –  EWG are required EAS disubs&tu&on: Summary In general: •  e ­releasing subs&tuents are o ­/p ­direc&ng •  e ­releasing subs&tuents are ac&va&ng •  e ­withdrawing subs&tuents are m ­direc&ng •  e ­withdrawing subs&tuents are deac&va&ng •  Halogens are special: o ­/p ­direc&ng but deac&va&ng ...
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