Chapter 14 Summary

Chapter 14 Summary - Chapter 14 Organometallic Compounds...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14 Organometallic Compounds Basic Concepts •  Defini/on of organometallic compounds •  Proper/es of organometallic compounds –  polariza/on –  basicity –  nucleophilicity •  Order of reac/vity –  Organolithium and Grignard compounds more reac/ve –  Organocopper and organozinc compounds less reac/ve •  Retrosynthesis New Reac/ons •  Nucleophilic addi/on to carbonyl groups –  organolithium compounds –  Grignard reagents •  Nucleophilic addi/on to esters –  organolithium compounds –  Grignard reagents ...
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