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Chapter 16 summary - Chapter 16 Ethers Epoxides Sulfides...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16 Ethers, Epoxides, Sulfides Basic Concepts •  •  •  •  Geometries of ethers/epoxides Coordina5on/H ­bonding Crown ethers Ring strain in epoxides Reac5ons •  Prepara5on of ethers –  From alcohols in acidic media –  From alkenes and alcohols in acidic media –  Williamson’s ether synthesis •  Prepara5on of epoxides –  From alkenes and peroxy acid –  From vicinal halohydrins •  Prepara5on of sulfides –  From thiols and R ­X Reac5ons •  Reac5ons of ethers –  With water in acidic media –  With HX –  Oxida5on •  Reac5ons of epoxides –  Ring ­opening with good nucleophiles in non ­acidic media –  Ring ­opening with weaker nucleophiles in acidic media •  Reac5ons of sulfides –  Oxida5on –  Alkyla5on ...
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