335 Win 2011 Final Key

335 Win 2011 Final Key - Name _Key_ Final Exam Tuesday...

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Name ________Key_______________ Final Exam Tuesday March 15, 2011 8-9:50 am, Hoffman Hall CH335 Organic Chemistry II Section 001 (MWF 9-10:05 am) There are 7 pages of questions, 100 pts total. There is a bonus question on page 8, worth 5 pts, and can be added to your total score. Materials attached: Periodic Table Electronegativity values 13 C NMR chemical shift values IR absorption frequency values Please write legibly. Use the backside of the exam if you need more space. Do not write multiple answers to each question. You must circle the correct answer or cross out the incorrect ones. Good luck! Mingdi Yan Reminder: Textbook, notes or cheat-sheets are not allowed. Sit in alternate seat if possible, and away from your study buddies If you need to use the restroom during the exam, ask a proctor to go along If caught cheating, your score for this exam will be zero.
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1 1. (8 pts) Write the correct name for each of the following compounds. 1A (2 pts) ( Z )-4-methoxypenta-1,3-diene or ( Z )-4-methoxy-1,3-pentadiene 1B (2 pts) 3,5-dichlorobenzoic acid 1C (2 pts) 5-hydroxypentanal 1D (2 pts) 1-phenylbutan-1-one or 1-phenyl-1-butanone or phenyl propyl ketone 2. (24 pts) Draw the precise structure according to the description below.
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335 Win 2011 Final Key - Name _Key_ Final Exam Tuesday...

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