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Diels Alder Regioselectivity

Diels Alder Regioselectivity -...

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Diels Alder Reac-on ‐ Regioselec-vity
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A rule to remember: Diels Alder reac-on is a cycloaddi-on with an aroma-c transi-on state that is ortho and para direc-ng X Z Z X X Z Z X X = EDG such as alkyl, aryl, RO, Me 3 SiO, R 2 N Z = EWG or conjugating group such as CHO, COR, COOH, COOR, CN, NO 2 , halogen, alkenyl, aryl
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How to decide which product is formed? Draw an ”ionic” stepwise mechanism for the reac-on to establish which
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