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Site_Analysis__Evaluation_Form - buildings etc Ballpark...

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1CM 426 -- FEASIBILITY STUDIES SITE ANALYSIS EVALUATION FORM __________ PROFESSIONALISM AND EASE OF UNDERSTANDING -- KISS PRINCIPLE (Executive summary, appearance, grammar, neatness, presentation, conclusions, etc.) (9 pts) __________ SITE LAYOUT -- (Maps, drawings, explanations of physical improvements, site plan, utilities, topography, drainage, parking, building placement, etc.) (8 pts) _________ COST BREAKDOWN AND SCHEDULE OF DEVELOPMENT-- (General costs of development, including roads, curbs and gutters, lighting, utilities,
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Unformatted text preview: buildings, etc. Ballpark figures -- from Means, local resources, etc. -- are okay. Time line for acquisition, development, etc. to prepare for financial analysis ) (10 pts) _________ RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY (Perceived research, understanding and application of local development requirements, ordinances, etc. Depth of research, sources for information, etc.) (8 pts) _________ TOTAL (35 pts)...
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