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ESR 324 Portland State University Winter 2011 Lab report elements and style for ESR 324 Essential elements The following is based on pages 22-25 in Brower et al 1997 (your lab text). All lab reports will have the following layout, and include the following essential elements: Introduction - nature of the problem - major concepts /background - objectives of the study - hypotheses to be tested Methods - site description - experimental design - statistical design Results - description of data - facts found – summary - figures and tables o clearly labeled o explanatory captions o only the most important information Discussion - explain how the results relate to the hypothesis/goals of the study - identify sources of bias and error - interpretation and evaluation - comparison with other studies (go to literature for this) References - select one bibliographic style from an ecological journal (e.g. Ecology); be consistent Abstract (or Summary) – at the beginning (abstract) or end (summary) of the paper
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Unformatted text preview: -distillation of the above, in the same order (Intro, Methods, Results, Discussion); should be very brief (100-200 words) Style notes Please incorporate the following style in your reports: -Use first person -Chop up sentences into short, concise statements (i.e. no run-ons, no verbosity) -Use active voice -Use action verbs if possible -Avoid using nouns for adjectives -Avoid using impersonal pronouns (i.e. “it” “they” “this”) as sentence subjects -Do not use meaningless catchall words/phrases (e.g., “etc” “and so forth” “misc”) -Minimize jargon and acronyms; always spell out acronyms -Avoid repetition -Use page numbers -Always describe the essence of each figure and each table in the text -Figures and tables should summarize the data, not present it; raw data, if presented, are placed in an appendix...
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