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324Lab1 2011 - Methods Using excerpts from a winter...

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1 ESR 324 Environmental Systems II Lab 1 Winter 2011 Tree Identification Where: SB2 rm 149, Portland State University, and Hoyt Arboretum TA - Tues: Mr. Matthew Duveneck ( [email protected] ; office TBA) TA – Thurs: Ms. Sarah S. Holman ( [email protected] ; office TBA) Instructor: Dr. Alan Yeakley ([email protected]; Office: W 11-12, rm 206, SB2) Introduction The purpose of this laboratory is to become familiar with the primary trees found in watersheds in the Portland area, and to be able to identify them based on characteristics of the species present in wintertime. This laboratory is not hypothesis-based; rather, it is a familiarization exercise so that students will be able to conduct later laboratories in the course that require these skills. The work will be conducted in the Hoyt Arboretum in Forest Park.
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Unformatted text preview: Methods Using excerpts from a winter identification key provided by the instructors, students will hike around the Native Tree Walk at Hoyt Arboretum, and identify several (approximately 8-10) common species as directed by the instructors. For each species identified, in your fieldbook, you will sketch (a) the profile of the tree (b) an example leaf of the tree (c) any other identifying characteristics (e.g. cones, branching structure) Results At the end of the laboratory exercise, your fieldbook should contain enough information in the form of sketches and comments on each tree species to guide you in identifying these same species in future labs (using the fieldbook alone). Fieldbooks will be collected at the end of the laboratory , evaluated and returned to you the following week....
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