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ESR 321 HW #2 Please complete the following problems (engineering paper is recommended, although not required). Date due: Thurs, Mar 3, 2011 1. Below you are given the average monthly streamflow from the Saltzmann Creek watershed in Forest Park (near the St Johns Bridge). If NO 3 concentration in the streamflow was found to average 8.1x10 -3 mg/L throughout the year, estimate (a) the total volume of water and (b) the total mass of streamwater-exported NO 3 leaving this watershed in an average year. Month Mean Q [cfs] Month Mean Q [cfs] Oct 0.493 Apr 2.486 Nov 1.669 May 1.358 Dec 2.348 Jun 0.500 Jan 2.631 Jul 0.333 Feb 2.349 Aug 0.199 Mar 2.014 Sep 0.191 2. Suppose that precipitation for an average year in the Saltzmann Creek watershed in Forest Park was 39.5 inches and that average nitrate concentration in rainfall was 2.8x10 -2 mg/L. Further, suppose that an average of dryfall nitrate deposition rate was found to be 2.5x10 -6 kg ha -1 hr -1 .
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