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Unformatted text preview: Department of Management Sciences Faculty of Engineering University of Waterloo MSci 609 Quantitative data Analysis for Management Sciences DISCUSSION PROBLEMS 2 Example 1: The Journal of Business & Economic Statistics presented a case in which a charge of gender discrimination was filed against the US Postal Service. At the time, there were 302 US Postal Service employees (229 men and 73 women) who applied for promotion. Of the 72 employees who were awarded promotion, 5 were female. Make an inference about whether or not females at the US Postal Service were promoted fairly. Example 2: The probability that a person respond to a mailed questionnaire is 0.4. How many questionnaires should be mailed if you want to reasonably be certain that at least 100 will be returned? Example 3: By mistake, a manufacturer of CD minirack system includes 3 defective systems in a shipment of 10 going out to a small retailer. The retailer has decided to accept the shipment of CD systems only if none is found to be defective.small retailer....
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