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University of California, Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics ARE 150 Fall 2009 Philip Martin Dist 10/20/09 [email protected] Due 10/29/09 Review Questions 3—Midterm 2 is Tuesday, November 3 Optional video on 1153 ULP—Thursday, November 5 (10 points) Please type or write neatly, and put your discussion section, 4-5 or 5-6, on your answers. Each answer is worth one point. Note—all cases mentioned in the review questions are discussed in the book. 1. What are protected concerted activities? Are workers protected by the ALRA if they refuse to work on a hot or cold day and do not say what they need to go to work? 2. Explain how the employer in Pappas violated worker rights, and how the employer could have lawfully responded to the workers’ PCA. 3. On a rainy day, a group of non-union workers refused to pick oranges. The employer asked “what do you need to continue working?” There was silence, and the employer said “anyone not working within five minutes will be fired.” No one went to work, and all the workers were fired. A. Were the workers’ ALRA rights violated? Why or why not? B. Does your answer change if the employer has an employee handbook that states: “employees who disobey supervisors will be fired.” C. Could the employer lawfully fire the workers if they refused to work
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are150-review-questions-3 - University of California, Davis...

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