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are150-review-questions-3 2010 - University of California,...

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Unformatted text preview: University of California, Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics ARE 150 Fall 2010 Philip Martin Dist 10/14/10 [email protected] Due 10/26/10 Review Questions 3-- Midterm 1 is Thursday, October 28 Optional video on 1153 ULP—Tuesday November 2 (10 points) Please type or write neatly, and put your discussion section, 4-5 or 5-6, on your answers. Each answer is worth one point. 1. A. What are the four major types of improper pre- election conduct that can get election results set aside-- provide an example of each. B. What is the test used by the ALRB to evaluate objections that pre- election conduct prevented a free and fair election? 2. A. Before an election, who can lawfully say: “vote for (or against) the union, and your wages will go up $1 an hour?” B. Can an employer before an election say: “You workers have the highest wages in the area, and we intend to remain the wage leader?” C. What about: “if the union wins, there is no guarantee we will continue to have the highest wages?” or “if the union wins and we do not agree to higher wages, your wages may be lower after we deduct union dues?” 3. Who is affected by ALRB access rules, and how do they differ from NRRB access rules? 4. A. Explain ALRB successorship rules. B. Can farmer Jones lawfully sell ABC farms, which has a union contract, to his wife, who renames it XYZ farms and refuses to honor the contract? refuses to honor the contract?...
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are150-review-questions-3 2010 - University of California,...

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