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University of California, Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics ARE 150 Fall 2011 Philip Martin Dist 9/29/11 [email protected] Due 10/18/11 Review Questions 2 Please type or write neatly, and put your discussion section, 4-5 or 5-6, on your answers. Each answer is worth one point. 1. A. What effect did 1920s immigration restrictions have on the supply of seasonal workers in California? Why? B. How did farm employers respond to increased worker mobility in the 1920s? 2. A. What were two factors or events that prompted reforms to propose farm labor changes in the 1930s? B. Who were three leading reformers, and what were the two major reforms they proposed? C. Were these proposals implemented—why or why not? 3. What were two ways in which the 1942-64 Bracero programs set the stage for illegal Mexico-to-US migration? 4. What did California farmers think would happen without Braceros? What were two major farm labor responses to the end of the 1942-64 Bracero programs? What happened to these farm labor responses in the 1980s? Why? 5. Why have farm workers been attractive to unions, but difficult for unions to organize into stable organizations (give at least three reasons)? 6. A. Why were IWW-Wobbly and CAIWU activities “bound to result in a defeat for unions?” B. Explain a major activity of each union and the outcome. 7. What were the AFL and CIO? Explain two reasons why “mainstream unions” failed to organize California farm workers in the 1940s and 1950s? 8. A. What were three reasons the UFW succeeded in organizing California farm workers in the mid-to-late 1960s?
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