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Management Aspect BASIC CONSIDERATION As one of the sectors involved in the country’s Solid Waste Management, junkshops are now being recognized for its large contribution in recycling activities and waste recovery. TRASH TO CASH JUNKSHOP promotes the need for proper waste disposal and recycling of materials as a major factor in protecting the environment. This business is most relevant today considering that the government has promoted environmental awareness among its citizens. TO CASH Junkshop and Scrap Business is a simple buy and sell business, which is less considered by many since the traded products are unclean and soiled. But in another view, it is a lucrative business that generates a lot of money both for garbage collectors, junkshop owners as well as companies who sell their scraps for extra revenue. TRASH TO CASH JUNKSHOP encourages people to utilize their scraps and earn from it while safeguarding the environment. In line with this, TRASH TO CASH JUNKSHOP carefully chose its location and designed its warehouse to ensure that sanitary and health requirements were strictly complied with. At a glance, one can not immediately see the profitability of this business but in fact that junk shops continue to exist is proof enough. The proliferation of junk shops in many localities attests to the stability of this industry. FORM OF ORGANIZATION TRASH TO CASH JUNKSHOP is a general partnership, an entity engage in business for profit; the partners own the business assets together and are personally liable for the debts of the business. As to its object, it is universal partnership of profits, in which all that the partners may acquire by their industry or work during the existence of the partnership movable or immovable property and which each of the partners may possess at the time of the celebration of the contract shall continue to pertain exclusively to each, only the usufruct passing to the partnership. TRASH TO CASH JUNKSHOP comprises of three capitalist partner (silent as to management), two capitalist-industrial partners and three industrial partners. The industrial partners will be responsible to all the business operation in cooperation with the capitalist –industrial partners. We decided to have this kind of ownership for the following reasons: Partnerships are relatively easy to establish and operate. Established at lower cost and minimal legal requirements. A partnership may benefit from the combination of complementary skills of two or more people. There is a wider pool of knowledge, skills and contacts. The advantage of allowing the owners to draw on the resources and expertise of the co-partners. Tax advantages The company is fairly easy to manage, and decisions can be made quickly without a lot of bureaucracy. Ability to the raise funds may be increased because their borrowing capacity may be greater.
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MANAGEMENT ASPECT - Chapter 4: Management Aspect BASIC...

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