Secretary - Secretary.A Corporate Secretary is required by...

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Secretary. .A “Corporate Secretary” is required by state corporation laws for every corporation; he or she is, at the most basic level, the individual who keeps the official records and minutes of the corporation. Corporate by-laws set forth the powers and duties of the Corporate Secretary and other corporate officers. One may think that the Corporate Secretary is merely a combination of scrivener and custodian, but this is not the case in practice. The Corporate Secretary in today's world is a senior corporate officer with wide-ranging responsibilities, who serves as a focal point for communication with and between the board of directors, senior management and the company's shareholders, and who has a key role in the administration of the Board and critical corporate matters. The Corporate Secretary is often a confidante and counselor to the Chief Executive Officer, members of the Board, and other members of senior management, especially on corporate governance matters. A key responsibility for the Corporate Secretary is to ensure that Board members have the proper advice and resources for discharging their fiduciary duties to shareholders under state law. A Corporate Secretary also is responsible for ensuring that the records of the Board's actions reflect the proper
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Secretary - Secretary.A Corporate Secretary is required by...

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