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Print this page QUESTIONS 1 Figure 2-14 gives the velocity of a particle moving on an x axis. What are (a) the initial and (b) the final directions of travel? (c) Does the particle stop momentarily? (d) Is the acceleration positive or negative? (e) Is it constant or varying? Figure 2-14 Question 1. Answer: (a) negative; (b) positive; (c) yes; (d) positive; (e) constant 2 Figure 2-15 gives the acceleration a ( t ) of a Chihuahua as it chases a German shepherd along an axis. In which of the time periods indicated does the Chihuahua move at constant speed?
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Unformatted text preview: Figure 2-15 Question 2. 3 Figure 2-16 shows four paths along which objects move from a starting point to a final point, all in the same time interval. The paths pass over a grid of equally spaced straight lines. Rank the paths according to (a) the average velocity of the objects and (b) the average speed of the objects, greatest first. Figure 2-16 Question 3. Answer: Page 1 of 1 Questions 12/23/2010 .....
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