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Study Sheet Chapter 1 1. Define a. Democracy b. Sovereignty c. Equality d. Majority rule 2. Some political thinkers believe that democracy is superior to other forms of government because it A) encourages dreams that can never be achieved. B) is incapable of promoting progress on important decisions. C) protects human rights. D) is found only in the United States. E) relies on the views of the masses. 3. With respect to the distribution of wealth in a nation, according to Aristotle and Jefferson, the ideal society for the practice of democracy is one A) where inequality is not too extreme. B) where a small elite controls most wealth. C) without a middle class. D) in which men and women share equally. E) in which all citizens are generally equal. 4. A potential criticism of American democracy, the authors of your textbook point out that A) Congress is too powerful vis-à-vis the presidency.
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Unformatted text preview: B) the minority actually tyrannizes the majority. C) individual Americans do not care a great deal about politics and are rather poorly informed. D) political equality is attainable in perfect form. E) political liberty is attainable in perfect form. 5. Using information provided by the textbook (including the authors’ three benchmarks for representative democracy) and other useful sources, answer the following question: how democratic is the United States of America? Feel free to use historical or contemporary examples to support your argument. 6. Write a 3 paragraph essay in which you define and give examples of direct democracy and representative democracy. Also defend the use of representative democracy with contemporary and historical examples....
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