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Chapter 3 Federalism 1. The Katrina failure is most likely the result of what? A) Bureaucratic red tape. B) Poor communication between federal, state, and local authorities. C) Inadequate resources at the federal level. D) Inadequate resources at the state level. E) The disaster was inevitable. 2. One reason the U.S. has a federal system is that A) it was, in the late 1700s, a homogeneous country. B) the Founders believed a federal system would be appropriate given the diversity of the states. C) the national government was considered too strong under the Articles of Confederation. D) the Founders copied the English system of government. E) a parliamentary system works best in a federal system. 3. Ratification of the Constitution, amending the Constitution, and choosing the president are examples of A) roles states play in the national government. B) national supremacy. C) regulating relations among states. D) limitations on state powers.
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