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Study Questions ch 4 - government in other countries with...

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Study Questions Chapter 4 1. Define these terms: Globalization Political Culture Individualism Limited Government 2. Which of these can be directly traced to changes in the American economy? A) the growth of the American population B) the diversification of the American population C) the geographic dispersion of the American population D) the distribution of income and wealth in the American population E) All of the above 3. Distrust of government still remains attractive to most Americans today even though A) most Americans expect government to do far more than the framers ever imagined B) this core belief is not universally shared. C) people are much more likely to trust the intentions and trustworthiness of
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Unformatted text preview: government in other countries with more regulatory governments. D) all of the above 4. The authors of your textbook ask: is America becoming more unequal? What do they mean by this? Please explain. Do you agree or disagree with the authors’ assessment? Why or why not? 5. Define middle class . Has the middle class actually declined? If so, what should the government do about it? 6. One of the reoccurring themes throughout the book Struggle for Democracy is the substantial growth in the size, reach, and responsibilities of the federal government. Much of this growth is related to structural features discussed in Chapter Four. Do you agree or disagree with these observations?...
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