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Study Questions Chapter 5 Define: Rational Public Party Identification Political Socialization 1. The American public tends to A) be extremely rigid in its attitudes toward politics. B) be fairly ignorant about political affairs. C) know political "buzzwords" as well as the concepts behind them. D) switch party loyalties almost randomly. E) reflect thoughtfully to survey questions. 2. The most important factor in constructing an accurate poll or survey is that A) a large number of people must be interviewed in order to avoid skewing the sample with distorted viewpoints. B) the survey must be completed several weeks in advance of the election or event that is being measured. C) the sample of people interviewed must be representative of the population being measured. D) the questions must contain broad generalities so that the person being interviewed will not be influenced. E) there must be less than ten questions for each survey so as not to bore the respondent. 3.
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