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Study Questions Chapter 10 Define: Responsible Party Prospective Voting Model Electoral Competition Model Retrospective Voting Model 1. Which of the following is a factor that distinguishes U.S. elections from those of other countries? A) Other countries designate election days as holidays to encourage voter participation. B) In the United States, the election to fill each office is separate and independent from elections for other offices. C) Elected officials for government positions have fixed terms of office. D) The United States has more elections than any other democratic country. E) All of the above are true 2. According to your text, low voter turnout in the United States is primarily the result of A) numerous barriers to voting, including cumbersome registration laws. B) increased television advertising which, when persistent, annoys voters and leads them
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Unformatted text preview: to tune out politics and not vote. C) changes in voter eligibility requirements that have reduce the available pool of voters. D) government coercing people to vote which actually discourages participation. E) a reduction in potential voter population. 3. Which of the following presidential candidates would have the easiest time getting elected? A) a moderate, representing mainstream values B) an opponent of gun control C) someone who is conservative on economic issues but very liberal on social issues D) an independent E) an outsider with no ties to Washington, DC. 4. Why might it not make any difference whether people vote? 5. What factors play a role in the vote a person casts? 6. Discuss money and elections. Does money play too large of a role in electoral politics? How might the role of money in elections be reduced?...
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