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Study Questions ch 14

Study Questions ch 14 - Study Questions Chapter 14 1 Which...

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Study Questions Chapter 14 1. Which of these is NOT true concerning Article III and the Constitution's creation of the court system? A) It outlines the powers of the courts in relationship to the other two federal branches. B) It creates the office of "chief justice of the United States." C) It states that judges should serve life terms. D) It specifies the categories of cases the Supreme Court may or may not hear. E) It grants Congress the power to create addition federal courts as needed. 2. In Marbury v. Madison, Marshall's decision expanded the powers of the Supreme Court to A) veto presidential appointments. B) declare acts of state and federal governments unconstitutional. C) write the rules of presidential succession. D) enforce the law. E) fund laws. 3. Judicial review raises questions about democracy because A) it gives unelected members of a government body power over elected members of other government bodies. B) presidents have used it often and recklessly.
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