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2011 Annotated Bibliography

2011 Annotated Bibliography - Annotated Bibliography(Worth...

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Annotated Bibliography (Worth 40 Points) Student Learning Outcome: Effectively integrate credible evidence and sound reasoning in speech preparation and presentation. An Annotated Bibliography is a bibliography that gives a summary of the research that has been done. It may include citation information and provides an evaluation of the research to your specific project, in this case a speech. For the informative and persuasive speech, you will be required to complete an annotated bibliography. This will not only ensure that you don’t procrastinate with research, but will make you more critical of the vast amount of resources available in the hopes that you will ultimately choose the most credible and appropriate sources for your speech. This assignment will be typed and will be counted as part of the overall grade of your speech. For this assignment, you will provide an actual annotated bibliography for three (3) of your seven required sources. For the remaining four (4) sources, you will need to provide just the citation in MLA or APA format to demonstrate that you have completed the required research.
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