2011 Demonstration Speech Packet

2011 Demonstration Speech Packet - DEMONSTRATION/PROCESS...

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DEMONSTRATION/PROCESS SPEECH ASSIGNMENT Student Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate ethical competence in speech preparation and presentation. Demonstrate effective management of anxiety during preparation and presentation of speeches. Implement ethical standards expected of an audience member by employing effective listening skills and cultural sensitivity. Critically evaluate their own and other’s speeches based on content, composition/organization, delivery and implementation of ethical standards. Demonstrate the ability to perform audience analysis and adaptation while speaking extemporaneously. DESCRIPTION For this speech, you will be delivering a 5-7 minute presentation on a topic in which you physically demonstrate a process, procedure, action to your audience (Note: simply telling the audience is not considered a demonstrative speech!). Unlike informative and persuasive speeches, this speech requires much more movement and multi-tasking as you will simultaneously be speaking and doing. Presenting concise and detailed information is critical as your goal is for your audience to learn how to replicate a process from hearing/seeing your speech. REQUIREMENTS 1. Time: 5-7 minutes in length. Speech is to NOT exceed 7 minutes. 2. Dress: Business Casual (jeans/sneakers allowed) 3. 3 X 5 Cards: You may use a total of 1 WHITE 3 X 5 card. 4. Sources: Optional (i.e. if you are using a recipe found in a text or quote, please cite in works cited page). 5. Final Draft Outline: 1 (one) page Full-Sentence Outline required. 6. Visual Aid: All materials for your demonstration. 7. Delivery: I expect each student to practice his/her speech several times to several people to ensure an enthusiastic, polished delivery. I expect you to memorize (and know) at least 90% of your speech. Use your note card only if you have an “Oh, crap!” moment. 8. Critique: As an audience member, you will be required to critique a fellow classmate’s speech. TOPICS For the demonstration speech, you may present a variety of fun topics/ideas. Keep in mind; they must be practical and useful for everyone. Great food recipes to practical every day use (i.e. how to change a tire) are all acceptable. Please keep in mind that you are doing a “scaled down” version of what may be a complicated and intricate process. Therefore, it is expected that you adjust your speech
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2011 Demonstration Speech Packet - DEMONSTRATION/PROCESS...

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