2011 Introduction Speech Packet

2011 Introduction Speech Packet - INTRODUCTION/ARTIFACT...

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INTRODUCTION/ARTIFACT SPEECH ASSIGNMENT Student Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate ethical competence in speech preparation and presentation. Demonstrate effective management of anxiety during preparation and presentation of speeches. Implement ethical standards expected of an audience member by employing effective listening skills and cultural sensitivity. Critically evaluate their own and other’s speeches based on content, composition/organization, delivery and implementation of ethical standards. Demonstrate the ability to perform audience analysis and adaptation while speaking extemporaneously. DESCRIPTION For this speech, you will be delivering a 3-5 minute presentation on an artifact of your choice that best represents or introduces you to your audience. The artifact should be carefully selected and hold special meaning to you. The questions you must answer in your introduction speech are: 1. What is the artifact you have selected? 2. Why does this artifact best represent you?
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This note was uploaded on 01/13/2012 for the course COM 1 taught by Professor Estrellaromero during the Fall '11 term at Riverside Community College.

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2011 Introduction Speech Packet - INTRODUCTION/ARTIFACT...

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